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Sean Kingston recently released a new single "Beat It" with Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa. But that's just a taste of what's soon-to-come from Kingston. He has been working on a new album.

He tells iHeartRadio, "I just got back from Jamaica so I’m finishing my new album.  It’s going to be out this summer.  It’s called Back 2 Life. I got 2 Chainz on there, T.I., Busta Rhymes, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, and Juicy J."

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Sean stopped by iHeartRadio HQ recently, where he let us check out all of his tattoos and let us in on the stories behind them.

It's obvious that music is an enormous part of Sean Kingston's life, which is why his most treasured tattoos represent the tools he uses to create his musical masterpieces. At 18 years old, he was inspired to make these instruments a part of him forever in the form of ink. "These are like my favorite musical instruments that I use to produce my beats, and my microphone, [and] keyboard. I think it’s real musical."

Sean is quite a fan of getting inked. Currently he only has them on his arms, and is working on full sleeves. He says, "I think its art, you know what I’m saying.  I love tattoos, not because it’s the style.  I’ve been a fan of tattoos since I was younger.  My mom, I remember her telling me 'You only 14 years old you ain’t going to get nothing in this house.' I got them when she wasn’t around [and] I made sure I did it and I like them.  But I ain’t going to get them on my neck and my face, but nice little arm tattoos, I think it’s pretty cool." 

While his musical instruments are his most inspirational tattoos, they aren't his first tattoos. "First tattoo was this one on my hand right here.  I wanted to do my record label, Time Is Money Entertainment."

However, the most interesting tattoo on Sean's arms was a hybrid face: a combination of Michael Jackson and Bob Marley, two halves of each superstar's face joined together as one. "This one right here is half Michael Jackson, half Bob Marley. I liked it, the two, because that’s the thing, people that have Michael Jackson, pictures of Bob, I didn’t want it to [look the same].  I never met these guys, but they're my inspiration.  I got to love their music and I grew up listening to their music, so I figured if I could fit both of the cultures in and still make it equally balanced to where I put half and half."

"The last tattoo I got was Mario Kart. The Mario, the last tattoo I got was this one, 90’s baby. That’s my favorite game, it’s a classic game. How can you hate on Mario Kart? I love Mario.  I’m not even a gamer and Mario’s just, I like it, [it] was easy."

But he wasn't always Mario when he played. In fact, Sean says he often chose to be his brother and green-adorned counterpart, Luigi.

One of Kingston's more prominent and noticeable tattoos is a bit spiritual for Sean. "It’s a black Jesus. It says 'Only in God I trust.'  In God I trust."

And Sean isn't stopping here, he has plans to fill up the rest of his arms. "I was supposed to get two, well my manager called me the other day and said we're supposed to do this tattoo magazine.  This tattoo magazine calls me, wanted to film me getting a mean tattoo.  I’m going to get some new [ones]. Probably fill up right here, fill up this hand."

Watch the video for "Beat It" below:

Photo Credit Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio