The internet went all bonkers and whatnot yesterday considering that new mommy Kim Kardashian finally broke her silence and blogged about being a mom to baby North.

But her mother, Kris Jenner, who is promoting her new talkshow says that we haven’t seen her second-born daughter yet because she’s working to get her body back!

“She looks so good and feels so good, and that’s the part I want her to do, just feel strong and healthy and have energy,” said Kris in an interview with E! News. “She’s working out, she’s eating right.”

And as far as when we may see North? (Yes: she addressed that funny photo of her and a fake baby who was NOT North that went viral.)

“First of all, it was so funny because everybody kept saying, ‘Is North going to be your first guest?” And I’m like, ‘North is 2 weeks old, you know, or 3 weeks old. So, no.’ She’s not even going to come out of the house until she’s fully ready to be out and about with other people. She’s a little too young,” she added.

So … we wait!

Photo Credit Getty Images