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UPDATE - Nick Jonas' new single is indeed called "Chains" and he just shared it with fans!

[Listen to "Chains" here]


The Jonas Brothers have said their farewells as a music group and left that chapter behind. Nick Jonas, one of the three brothers in the music trio, is possibly making a third attempt to go solo.

Nick excels at singing, playing several instruments, and acting. Originally, before the JoBros were created, Nick was riding solo and his two brothers Joe and Kevin Jr., were his back up. Eventually, someone knew that the three should come together and form a music group. After signing to Colombia Records, the group then got into Disney and signing off with Hollywood Records—making them one of the biggest boy groups in the world in 2009. After the group’s first ‘split’, it both left Nick and Joe to begin their solo careers. Turns out, things didn’t go as planned, leaving the group to reunite, once again. The group then reunited and called it the quits last year. This time around, Nick might possibly be able to make it solo. Third time’s the charm, right?

Despite his long journey, it’s now time for Nick to get back into the game and do what he loves.

Nick’s latest Instagram photo is of the ISLAND records logo along with a caption that says “Home. Here we go…” Now, it’s only right for us to assume that he’s signed a record deal with them and is ready to work on making some hits to come our way.

Nick may possibly release a single this week or next week. Rumor-has-it, the single is titled "Chains." Hmm, well that’s an interesting title, isn’t it? It’s interesting to see what music route, he will take this time around. We’ve heard a lot of different sounds coming from the 21-year-old over the years.

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