1. Secretly recording a conversation in places like locker rooms, on a school bus or any place where a person would expect not to be recorded can be a felony punishable by imprisonment and will subject your recording device to confiscation, forever.  Bye-bye cell phone.
  2. If you are under the age of 18, sending naked photos of yourself to another person can be a crime under child abuse laws (sexting) and may lead to jail time and again, confiscation of your computer, cell phone or other device.
  3. Posting pictures of yourself at parties drinking underage or smoking marijuana will most likely be seen by your future employer or college recruiter. Good luck explaining that at your interview, if you even get one.
  4. Adam Walsh Child Protection Act—also known as SORNA (Sex Offender Registration And Notification Act) was signed into law in 2006 by the US Congress, mandates states to enact similar laws beefing up  states’ existing Megan’s Law provisions, among other revisions.  In a nutshell, the new Megan’s Law requires certain individuals convicted of sex abuse crimes (including sexting) to be registered.  Registration periods can be 15 years with annual re-registrations; 25 years with re-registrations every six months and even lifetime registrations for the most serious sex offenders. Not all states have enacted the new Megan’s Law, they are still in the process of enactment. States that do not comply with the Adam Walsh Act will face loss of funding from the Federal government for criminal justice-related matters.  As of January 2013, sixteen states are in compliance, at least substantially, with the Adam Walsh Act.


                  What does this mean to students trying to get into college?

                  Let’s say you apply to a college in Florida and you have been convicted of sexting; in your case, you took pictures on your cell phone  of two of your 17-year- old friends engaging in a sex act at a party.  You are now a registered sex offender and even IF you were to be accepted into college, you would have to live off campus at your own expense. Why? Virtually all college campuses have day care, pre-school programs or programs for minors and as a registered sex offender, you will have to reside at least 1000 feet from the campus (distances vary by state).

  1. Posting a picture of yourself drinking a beer at a party when you are under 21 years of age may be seen by college recruiters, employers and may require some explanation at an interview, IF you even get an interview.  And of course, a conviction for underage drinking gives you a criminal record, delays your ability to obtain a driver’s license or causes your license to be suspended  if you already have a  license, and will subject you to paying fines, court costs, attorney’s  fees, etc.