A  middle school teacher in North Carolina was suspended for three days for showing students the rap video "Same Love," Macklemore's latest single promoting equal rights for gays.

photo: Getty Images

"The issue in this matter was one of whether the video was curriculum-based, educationally-related, and age-appropriate for a class of prepubescent 13-year-olds," said Alexander County school board attorney Joel Harbinson.

The teacher, not currently being identified, has been reinstated as of last week. No mention of disciplinary action against the teacher.

Macklemore commented on the story on hos website:

"This level of intolerance and fear is still very active in America, but at times is not completely visible. This incident is just one of tens of thousands that have happened across the country where schools have exposed a latent homophobia, preventing safe space for all young people to feel confident in being themselves."