The Mulberry Lady Panthers (a softball team made up of 12 year old girls in Mulberry, Florida) fell victim of what looks to be a scam when they tried to purchase new jerseys for their season.

They raised over $2000 for the jerseys that they never received from a company in Maryland. 

Andrew McCutchen grew up about 20 miles away from Mulberry. 

We found out that Cutch stepped up to the plate and used his Nike equipment deal to get the girls all new uniforms (home and away jerseys/pants, socks and cleats).

The girls should have their new uniforms and equipment in about a week...all Nike...from Cutch.

Photo: Getty Images

You might not hear him talk publicly or tweet about the girls but...just a nice story to pass along about the face of the Pirates doing a nice thing for a group of girls.

Full story: ABC Action News