According to the Post Gazette, a drunk woman tried to drive away in a cop car with two undercover officers inside after a party at Xtaza Nightclub in the Strip District following the Wiz Khalifa concert on Saturday night.

32 year old Ria Buford got into the driver's seat of the car while one of the officers was outside making a phone call. The officer in the passenger seat informed her that they were Pittsburgh police and she was under arrest....that's when Buford reportedly told the officer she was going to driver their car to her car. 

Turn up!

One of the officers got out, tried to pull her out of the drivers seat when a man grabbed the officer's shirt telling him not to touch her. He was arrested too. 

They were both charged with public drunkenness. Buford was also charged with robbery of a motor vehicle and disorderly conduct while the man who tried to stop the officers was charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

The story has already made it onto a few big blogs like Gawker