UPDATE: According to the NYPOST The tape was shopped to several media outlets and TMZ paid $250,000 for the tape...Wow

Jay Z's people were aware of the tape but decided to not publicly fight it once they figured out they could not control it.

The standard hotel found the person who leaked the tape to TMZ. A rep for the Standard hotel said the hotel turned over "all available information to criminal authorities," after firing the employee Wednesday.

Our buddy Opie from the Opie and Anthony show for putting this one together

Former WWE announcer Jim Ross calls the fight

Jay Z and Beyonce were court side for the Nets/Heat game in Brooklyn which prompted Charles Barkley to ask the obvious question...'Where Solange?'

Looks like Solange deleted basically every picture of her and Beyonce from her Instagram account so you KNOW it's real - RadarOnline.com

The video from TMZ is pretty nuts....Beyonce's sister, Solange, starts going off on Jay Z in an elevator at the Standard Hotel in NYC after the Met Gala after party last week. 

Solange is swinging, kicking and everything else, getting at Jay while Beyonce just kind of stands there and doesn't get involved. A bodyguard holds Solange back and hits the emergency stop on the elevator.