Ah yes, an article in Trib wants to know why Penguins fans aren't happy and enjoying the Stanley Cup playoffs like Columbus fans are. 

The article says the 'burden of great expectations has ruined the fun for everyone'.


Generalizing EVERY Penguin fan as not having fun isn't true. This first round series vs. Columbus is a lot of fun for some fans. Sure, it would be better if the Penguins won every game 10-0 and the series was over, but some fans actually can enjoy a good series even if the Penguins don't win every game. 

Then, the article mentions that 'good seats still were available for Game 5' on Thursday. 

Playoff seats are pretty expensive. You're going to drop around $100 a ticket at the very least to even get into Consol for Game 5. Not everyone can afford that. The Pens sell out in the regular season but there is a LOT of different ways, like AE Student Rush, that can help fill those 'sell out' seats during the regular season. Just because someone can't afford around $500 to take a family of 4 to a playoff game, shouldn't reflect badly on the fan base as if the fan base doesn't care. 

The article compares the Penguins fan base to the Blue Jackets fan base as a 'bitter old man, ruminating on a park bench' that 'might gain a spark of clarity in observing an exuberant child.'

These girls brought their laptops out to work on papers they had due to the big screen for Game 4. Seems like a far cry from 'bitter old man on park bench'.

Columbus' crowd is great, it is, they're loud, they're having fun, they're happy their team is in the playoffs and giving the Penguins a hell of a series. They aren't used to playoff runs every year like the Penguins are though. It's new to them, they're having a good time. 

The article fails to mention anything about Penguins TV ratings which are higher for this playoffs than any other market. 

The article fails to mention the thousands of people that DON'T have tickets to the game that are coming out and watching on the big screen across from Consol. We're having a lot of fun out there....

Some people wait hours outside the gates just to get a seat up front to watch on the big screen. That's not very 'bitter old man on a park bench' to us. 

This is what the crowd looked like for Game 2 from the top of Consol. 

We get it. Write a column about how the team and the fans and the city is just kinda BLAH about the playoffs because of how loud the crowd in the arena is or by how many people can afford playoff tickets is something to write about. But asking 'what happened to this team, to this town?' is a bit unfair. This town is passionate, this town wants to win, this town is loud and, yes, some fans in this town still believe in their team.

Some of us are still having fun.....LET'S GO PENS!

UPDATE: Players, also, appear to be having fun