Whoa, whoa, whoa....not used to see the Pirates making moves like this but the Pirates acquired outfielder Marlon Byrd and cathcer John Buck from the New York Mets in exchange for 19 year old minor league infielder Dilson Herrera (20th best prospect in the Pirates system according to Baseball America) and a player to be named.

Both Byrd and Buck were All-Stars in 2010.

Marlon Byrd is hitting .285 this year, 121 hits, 21 home runs, 71 RBIs. Compare Byrd's stats with the current Pirates lineup and he would have the 2nd best average (behind McCutchen), 2nd most home runs (behind Alvarez), 3rd in hits (behind McCutchen and Marte), and 3rd in RBIs (behind McCutchen and Alvarez). Basically, Byrd is one of the most powerful bats in the lineup right now and he's in the middle of a career year. Byrd was suspended for 50 games back in 2012 for testing positive for a banned substance when he was with the Red Sox. 

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Byrd is 35 and is currently on a 1 year deal for just $700,000. 

And.....it was actually Marlon Byrd giveaway shirt night when he got traded. Oof. 

The Mets apparently gave fans tickets to another game in September and another shirt if they wanted it. 

John Buck will help back up Russell Martin at catcher. He has 79 hits, 15 home runs this year, has 60 RBIs and is batting .215. If he were currently in the Pirates lineup he would be 7th in hits, 3rd in home runs, 3rd in RBIs and basically at the very bottom of the lineup in batting average. 

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Buck is 33 and in the last year of a deal worth $6 million this year. 

The Pirates are taking on a total of about $1.25 milion in the trade but the Mets are going to help cover some of that too. 

Both will add some hot pop to the lineup hopefully and are most likely just rental players for this season. 

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