In an interview with a Philly newspaper Senator Daylin Leach says medical marijuana will be legal in Pennsylvania this year.

Photo: Justin Sullivan / 2010 Getty Images

A new bill was filed earlier this year to allow the use of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania and for the first time it was sponsored by Senators (Democrat) Daylin Leach and (Republican) Mike Folmer.

In an interview with the metro paper in Philly Senator Daylin Leach said that he believes medical marijuana will very soon have the support of the majority of the state Senate. He thinks they need 26 co-sponsors for Gov. Corbett to not shut it down.

He goes on to say that he thinks Gov. Corbett who is up for re-election will eventually have to sign on and make it legal because Corbett is going to start his re-election campaign which will focuse on Corbett "trying to look like a human being" and will soon be addressing all the issues facing our families, schools, health care, gay discrimination and eventaully the use of medical marijuana.

Leach says he will hold rallies and follow the governor around the state during his re-election pushing the issue of medical marijuana.