Somehow, someway...the Steelers slim playoff hopes are STILL alive going in the final week. 

From Benstonium

The Steelers beat the Packers 38-31 on Sunday and got help with the Bills win over the Dolphins and the Patriots win over the Ravens. 

NOW, the Steelers have to beat the Browns in the final game of the year AND....

- The Bengals have to beat the Ravens

- The Jets have to beat the Dolphins

- The Chiefs have to beat the Chargers

If that all happens, everyone is 8-8 and tie breakers come into play. 

AFC East
Jets 8-8
Dolphins 8-8

AFC North
Ravens 8-8
Steelers 8-8

The Steelers and Ravens split their head to head matchups this year so it would go by division record and the Steelers would be 4-2 in the division and the Ravens 3-3 if the scenario plays out. 

The Steelers would then have to win the tiebreaker against the Jets or Dolphins. The Jets and Dolphins would have split their head to head matchups too if the scenario plays out so it would go to division record. The Jets would be 3-3 at that point and the Dolphins would be 2-4 giving the edge in a tiebreaker to the Jets. 

The Steelers and Jets would then have to settle a tiebreaker which would be easy because the Steelers beat the Jets in Week 6. The fact that the Steelers are still alive going into the last week of the season is insane in itself.