According to USA today Ad Meter this is the top 5

  1. Budweiser 'puppy love'
  2. Doritos 'cowboy kid'
  3. Budweiser 'hero's welcome'
  4. Doritos 'time machine'
  5. Radio Shack 'phone call'

According to, the Radio Shack 'the 80's called' commercial was the best commercial of the night

With around 34 million views on You Tube before the game was even played, it's safe to say that the Budweiser 'Puppy Love' commercial was one of the big winners from all the commercials to air on Sunday

Budweiser also had another amazing commercial honoring Lt. Chuck Nadd and all soldiers


Radio Shack - The 80's Called commercial 

Esurance giving away $1.5 million on Twitter in their commercial

Heinz's 'Hum' commercial

VW's 'German engineers know what Americans like' commercial 

Audi 'Doberhuahua' commercial

Budweiser 'Puppy Love' commercial 

Ellen's 'Beats Music' commercial

Tim Tebow 'No Contract' TMobile Commercials