If this story is true....wow....what a way to go out for Tupac, it just adds to the legend.

According to VegasSeven.com, Tupac's last words before he eventually died after being shot in Vegas were 'F*ck you'. Whoa. 

Chris Carroll, a sergeant on the Las Vegas Metro Police Department's bike patrol unit was the first cop on the scene after the shooting and the man who Tupac's 'F*ck you' was apparently directed at. 

Carroll says that he opened the car door after Pac was shot and got him on the ground, his gold chains covered in blood, and kept asking him 'Who shot you? What happened? Who did it?' trying to get a dying declaration from him. 

After basically ignoring Carroll's attempts to get an answer, Tupac's demeanor changed went from struggling to almost peaceful according to Carroll's accounts in the VegasSeven.com story.....that's when he told Chris, 'F*ck you'. 

Carroll says that Tupac was gurgling and going in and out of consciousness until the ambulance arrived. After that...he was eventually in a coma and taken off life support.

The entire story is at VegasSeven.com, it's worth the read.

The legend grows. 

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella