The Princeton Review put out their annual list of top party/sober schools.

The results are based the 122,000 students polled during the last school year. Students answered 80 questions about academics, administration, campus life, student body and themselves.

Image: Justin K. Aller / 2013 Getty Images

Stand Tall Stand Proud WVU and Penn State

Here is the list of the Top 10 Party Schools

1.Syracuse University

2.University of Iowa

3.University of California-Santa Barbara

4.West Virginia University

5.University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigns

6.Lehigh University

7.Penn State University

8.University of Wisconsin-Madison

9.Bucknell University

10.University of Florida


Look at you Grove City sitting at #8 for Sober Schools

Top 10 Sober Schools list

1.Brigham Young University

2.Wheaton College

3.U.S. Military Academy

4.Calvin College

5.Thomas Aquinas College

6.College of the Ozarks

7.Gordon College

8.Grove City College

9.U.S. Coast Guard Academy

10.City University of New York-Brooklyn College