According to TMZ, Zac Efron's friends are worried sick about him and believe he, once again, has a drug problem. 

Earlier this week, TMZ had the story that Zac and his 'bodyguard' were attacked in the sketchy Skid Row area of L.A. that is known for gangs and drug dealers after their car ran out of gas.

TMZ reports that Zac's friends say that he's a loner, he rarely goes out and would never be driving for miles around midnight to get some sushi in downtown L.A. like the story claims. 

Also, TMZ claims that Zac's 'bodyguard' that was with him during the attack isn't a bodyguard at all and is a convicted drug dealer that Zac's friends have warned him about. 

On Thursday, TMZ reported that the bodyguard had been knifed in the stomach, face and chest by some sort of shank during the altercation and that Zac was the one was intervened in the fight and saved his life...BUT, police sources tell TMZ that Zac was the only one bleeding when they arrived to the scene and the 'bodyguard' was just sitting there texting. 


Hope Zac Efron gets his life back together because it sounds like he's in a bad place right now. 

Zac's new movie with Seth Rogen 'Neighbors' is in theaters May 9th...wonder if Zac will be part of the movie's promo tour and if he'll talk about his reported drug problems and this incident.