Why 'Basmati Blues' Star Utkarsh Ambudkar Will Never Forget Making It

posted by Kelly Ballhorn -

Uktarsh Ambudkar from Pitch Perfect and The Mindy Project fame stars alongside Brie Larson in the new movie Basmati Blues, shot on location in India.

It’s an incredible blend of genres: drama, rom-com and musical, all wrapped up into one lush, unique film. 

So what was the biggest difference for Uktarsh between making this movie and all the other films he’s done?

“Well there’s a scripted movie. Then there’s a regular musical, and then there’s acting in a Bollywood-style musical in the middle of India in the middle of summer during monsoon season with a one-hundred percent humidity and one hundred and five degree heat,” he explains. ”So I think the biggest difference would probably be the amount of weight loss. It’s like Bikram Yoga everyday.”

Basmati Blues is in select theaters and On Demand everywhere starting today.

Photo: Getty Images