Freckle Tattoos

Tattooed makeup has been around for a while now, but the latest trend in tattooing and beauty appears to be freckles. Yes, people are tattooing freckles on their faces. 

Which is kinda strange, considering just about every kid I knew growing up who had freckles DIDN'T WANT FRECKLES.

This ‘freckle tattoo’ trend was recently featured in Allure and on the UK’s Metro:

"Montreal-based cosmetic tattoo artist Gabrielle Rainbow started freckling after seeing her best friend constantly pumping up her natural dash of summer freckles with makeup, according to an interview with Newbeauty.The process looks something like this: “When they are freshly done, [the freckles] will appear swollen, almost like bee stings,” says Rainbow. “The swelling will go down within a couple hours, and you’ll be left with your cute, fresh freckles. Over the course of one to two months, the color will soften dramatically and look more natural. They will fade naturally with time, and if you wish to keep them, you can always get the color boosted whenever you like.”

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