Teacher Really Didn't Want A Birthday Surprise

We really want this to be real because of the pure awkwardness but odd are it is going to sadly end up being fake.

Things that make us believe it is real

We would have loved taking over a class in costume with props in high school to sing.

There seems to be some type of adult supervision with them.

The teacher reaction is completely believable... If we believe that he really hates his birthday. Even when he went to grab the phone he hesitated like hummm this might not be a great idea.

As soon as the kids open the door he is waving them off and asking them to put away their phones.

Things that make us question if it is fake

The reaction from the kids in the classroom when the birthday singers breaks in is pretty calm and collected.

The reaction from the kid who gets his phone spiked.

Everyone goes silent and they slowly almost calculated back out as the camera stays on the teacher.

It is on the internet and everything is fake... Jimmy Kimmel ruined everything..

We Googled his name on the door and the school name on the kids shirt.

There is no follow up story about it anywhere but it did lead to a bunch of videos previously with the kids.

Which could be why everyone is so shocked in class and silent that he didn't go along with it.

Or this could be an assignment for one of his classes to see if they can make a viral video or something.

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