Starbucks Is Launching Two New "Spring" Drinks

Starbucks just understands us... 

They are launching two new drinks for spring. In their press release they say,

"This month’s extreme fluctuation of conditions a snowstorm one day and tank top weather the next has us confused. On chillier days when you’re bundled up in sweaters, you’ll want to  order the new five layer Coconut Mocha Macchiato. To create the distinct  layers, shots of espresso are poured overtop steamed coconut milk and a  white chocolate mocha sauce. The sweet concoction is finished off with caramel sauce and a swirl of mocha sauce"

They go on to say, "On sunny days, go for the Iced Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiato, which features espresso, almond milk, and cinnamon dolce  syrup, topped with a caramel cross-hatch and cinnamon dolce topping."

We want both

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