The Pittsburgh HOLLYWOOD Style Sign

This all started when the Pittsburgh Zoning Board basically told Lamar Advertising who owns the billboard space up on Mt. Washington they are breaking the law with their Sprint Ad that is currently up.

The zoning board has been fining Lamar around $1000 per day since the decision.

So the the group Scenic Pittsburgh sent a letter to Lamar Advertising asking them to donate or sell the property to the organization so they could possibly replace it with a Hollywood Style Pittsburgh sign.

So KDKA ran the story and photoshopped a picture of what Mt. Washington would look like with the "Hollywood Style" Pittsburgh sign and the local Pittsburgh internet melted down.

Some liked the idea of the sign while others were posting Pittsburgh phrases they thought the sign should say. 

People were worried it would make the city the laughing stock of the country and others for some reason were even blaming the mayor.

Our Buddy Benson over at Benstonium had some ideas for the sign....

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