Comedian Charlie Murphy Dead At 57

Charlie Murphy, Chappelle Show star and Eddie Murphy's older brother, has died, said his publicist Domenick Nati. He was 57. Murphy died after a battle with Leukemia.

Charlie Murphy became a household name after numerous appearances on Chappelle's Show on Comedy Central.

The actor and comedian was on record as saying he was a hothead when he worked as a bodyguard for his brother. He said he loved Eddie so much, and thought he was so funny, that he would pick fights with people who did not laugh at his brother's jokes when he performed. 

Murphy is also remembered for his amazing tale about the legendary musician, Prince, which was made into a skit for Chappelle Show. Murphy said he and friends played basketball against Prince and his entourage one night in the 1980s. Murphy said he was shocked how good Prince was at the game. Afterward, Prince made everyone pancakes. Prince was on record saying the story was true, even the breakfast.

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