Boy's Dying Wish To Meet Ed Sheeran Comes True

As the father of two little girls, these stories always choke me up. The world is scary enough, not having to worry about diseases and afflictions that can affect a kid's life. So it's pretty awesome that Ed Sheeran can take some time to visit one of his biggest fans, who probably won't make it to his 10th birthday.

Ed was touched by an appeal by the family of 6-year-old Ollie Carroll who has Batten Disease, which is basically blindness, ALS, MS, and alzheimer's all rolled into one messed up disease.

He invited the youngster, who suffers the rare degenerative condition, and his family to come backstage at a recent Manchester gig.

 Sheeran then threw his support behind Ollie's awareness campaign by wearing a red band promoting Ollie's Army.

Good luck, Ollie!

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