Guy Makes $75K Off Of A $1 Kentucky Derby Bet

This lucky guy hit the Kentucky Derby 'superfecta' and landed himself $75,000 off of a $1 bet!!!

The one dollar payout for picking the first four finishing horses in this year’s Derby was a cool $75,974.50. Throwing two bucks down on the exacta (top 2 horses) would have netted you $336.20, while putting a buck down on the trifecta (top 3 horses) would have fattened your wallet by $8,297.20.

The only downside to this guy's luck (if you want to call it a downside), is that the superfect jackpots in the past have been wayyyyy bigger.

The Marion Star states:

Trifectas with four-figure payouts were the norm for seven of the last 10 races. The 2009 superfecta paid $557,000. The next year it was $202,000. From 2007 to 2014, the lightest super was $15,383.

Still, $75K (even after taxes) is a damn nice return off of a $1 bet. Can I borrow some money???

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