(Pics/Video) Epic Magnum P.I. Bachelor Party

This story/party is starting to get picked up all over the country by news stations now.

A bunch of guys we grew up with...Actually 45 of them went on an epic bachelor party journey dressed in full Tom Selleck Magnum P.I. gear this past weekend.

They decided to make a stop at the ballpark for a Detroit Tigers game.

Now we have done some fun sections at Penguins games before where the two of us and a hundred of you guys are all dressed in costume and the Pens love it... They put us on the Jumbotron... They let us chant ridiculous things... They embrace it all.

Whoever is running the Detroit Tigers is a moron because they kicked these guys out of the game for basically being a "distraction".  Life lesson whenever 45 guys in Hawaiian shirts with mustaches show up to party you don't kick them out.

Actually getting kicked out of the game as a group makes the party more legendary.

Side note... It was also some type of Star Wars night at the game

People getting wedding pics loved them...

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