Pink Featuring Eminem "Revenge"

Already love this new Pink and Eminem song.

Pink did a bunch of press for her new album and was asked how she got Eminem on her new album. She told Rolling Stone.

"I had written this song. I had went to the studio and drank a lot of wine, I wrote Revenge and then, I went home and  drank more wine because that's what you do when you've already drank a lot of wine you think more wine is a good idea. 

I wrote him an email, and I said, I love you. I've always loved you. I've loved you since you gave me your autograph at the 2001 MTV Music Video Awards. I love that you always work with the same people like Rihanna. She’s hotter than me, but I'm funnier, I'm going for a rap Grammy, and I’d like to take you along with me. It was this long email and he wrote back right away and just said, Okay. He sent her his finished verse four days later."

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