KISS Halloween Party 2018

Planet Fitness, Scarehouse & Plato's Closet Presents


This Saturday | Stage AE | $28

Featuring performances by

 Prizes for the best costumeand music by DJ Scottro & DJ GWK


CLICK HERE for tickets and more info

Stage AE Costume Restrictions

• No over-the-head masks
• No weaponized props
• Nothing with projectiles including water, or blunt weapons (bats, hockey sticks, golf clubs, mallets, whips, etc.)
• Any “uniform” costumes such as military or policy must be clearly distinguishable as a costume and not a current military, police, emergency responder, etc.
• Any non-weapon props must be a soft plastic, cardboard or foam.
• “String” masks and face paint can be worn, but if you cannot be distinguished from your photo ID you will not be served alcohol. 

Stage AE Bag Policy

In order to ensure the safety of our patrons and to increase the efficiency of our entry procedure, Stage AE will be implementing a new bag policy to mirror the bag policy of the NFL, effective September 15th, 2017. Only bags within 4.5 ”x 6.5” x 3” will be allowed into the venue for events. We will also allow one gallon or smaller clear plastic bags sized at or under 12”x12”x6”. e.g., Ziploc, NFL branded entry bags. Large bags such as (but not limited to) backpacks, purses, drawstring bags, totes and carry alls will not be allowed into the venue. As before, the contents of any bag allowed onto the premises will be inspected for prohibited items. Any prohibited items or bags must be taken back to your vehicle or disposed of. Stage AE or any affiliate of will not be responsible for securing your personal items. Anything placed outside of our gates or fence will be discarded or removed by authorities.

More information: Click here to visit the Stage AE website, then click on "FAQ"

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