Here are 10 movies to watch with your family today!

Let's be honest, movie night with the kids doesn't usually guarantee the most... stimulating movie. Skip the Emoji movie, here's a list of movies I recommend. I tried to pick movies with stories and ideas that made me think about the world around me when I was a kid. Hopefully, it does the same for yours and it can help open up the dialog to any questions they may have right now about the world. Oh, and some are just goodies that I couldn't keep off the list.

#1 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Rating - PG

Released - 2009

Running time - 1:29:51

I loved the book when I was young and was happy with the movie adaptation. Yes, it's full of cheesy cartoony humor that kids love but has some nice themes based around being greedy and forgetting about what's important in life.

#2 The Iron Giant

Rating - PG

Released - 1999

Running time - 1:26:30

The end of this movie makes me CRY and CRY but it is such a classic and has strong underlying themes on perception, society, the government, and being you. I mean "You are who you choose to be."

#3 Bicentennial Man

Rating - PG

Released - 1999

Running time - 2:11:18

Ok, so ignore the ratings on this one...Bicentennial Man FLOPPED in the box office in (1999). But, 1999 wasn't ready for the ideas explored in this movie just yet. This movie dives into issues around humanity, freedom, intellectual property, and eternal life....yeah, it gets heavy. I remember how good this movie is, but for the life of me, I can't remember the ending, part of me thinks it was a scary ending, so keep that in mind. But, come on, it's Robin Williams.


Rating - G

Released - 2008

Running time - 1:38:11

WALL-E is an adorable little robot aimlessly working away when everything changes after EVE arrives at planet earth to look for sustainable life. This flick explores three ideas. 1. What happens when human consumption and waste go overboard 2. Is technology a friend or foe to humanity? 3. True love has no boundaries

#5 Bruce Almighty

Rating - PG-13

Released - 2003

Running time - 1:41:09

This one is for your more mature kids because it is PG-13 but, I couldn't leave it off the list. This movie makes you want to check your ego and to be grateful for the great things in life rather than putting a magnifying glass on the bad things. My brat teenage self definitely needed this movie. Evan Almighty didn't make the list but is definitely an honorable mention.

#6 Mrs. Doubtfire

Rating - PG-13

Released - 1993

Running time - 2:05:10

...I didn't realize this movie was PG-13, but I still think it needs to be on the list. First of all, Robin Williams is such a convincing dad in all the scenes with his kids and when he talks about his kids. Not to mention Mara Wilson's acting at such a young age! Matilda didn't make this list, but is another honorable mention of course!

#7 The Last Mimzy

Rating - PG

Released - 2007

Running time - 1:36:16

The Last Mimzy is a story about scientists who send a box of trinkets to the past to help the future. It lands in the hands of two kids and the story unfolds. This story has themes that play with ideas like Quantum Physics, time travel, GMOs, and more. Oh, and did I mention that Dwight from the Office is in it?

#8 Honey I Shrunk the Kids!

Rating - PG

Released - 1989

Running time - 1:33:30

An oldie but a goodie! I love old science fiction movies. Not to mention the real story of Rick Moranis, who quit acting to raise his two kids after his wife passed away from breast cancer.

#9 9

Rating - PG-13

Released - 2009

Running time - 1:20:05

I had to make movie #9 9, it's another PG-13 movie and I get why. This dark, futuristic Tim Burton-produced fantasy may be animated, but it's not meant for younger kids. Its language is clean, there's no drinking, gore or sexual content, but it's really dark. I don't want to spoil it but those cute little burlap bag creatures get killed right in front of you and it's sad yall. But, Tim Burton worked his magic and unfolds a fascinating story within a post-apocalyptic world where intelligent, self-reproducing machines destroyed all life on Earth. Again, DARK, but good.

#10 Holes

Rating - PG

Released - 2003

Running time - 1:57:22

This movie is full of amazing characters that all teach you a little from Sam the Onion Man to Hector (I'm not calling him Zero!) to one of the first lady boss' I encountered in a film as a kid, Kissin' Kate Barlow! Plus, baby Shia Labeouf stars in it! Check out the yell in this clip of him!

Well, those are my picks. Did you end up watching any of these? Should I make another list? What movies should I add? DM me on Instagram @meesh961

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