Why You're Having Crazy Dreams During Quarentine

I don't know about you but I've been having some pretty wild dreams during quarantine! Last night I dreamt that I was zip lining over a pirate ship...which actually sounds awesome.

Why are we having these dreams? According to the Sleep Institute, vivd dreams occur because of sleep deprivation, a fluctuation in hormones and stress. Stress would definitely explain it, considering what we're all going through right now with the pandemic.

Here's a bit more from The Independent:

"When you go to sleep, your brain carries out actions including processing the day’s information, consolidating memory and regulating your emotions, Professor Colin Espie, professor of Sleep Medicine at the University of Oxford, explains toThe Independent.

Your dreams are a “window into the fact that the brain is busy processing emotion”, he states, which is why it is likely dreams will appear more vivid when you are in a heightened emotional state.

“What you’ll probably notice in your dreams just now is they’re a little bit more vivid and probably more emotional in tone. That just reflects the way that we are at the moment,” Professor Espie says."


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