Trailer Roundup: The Umbrella Academy, The Boys, and Pen15

Strap in, because the streaming gods have blessed us with not one, not even two, but THREE trailers to freak out over. If you're looking for something to watch in the upcoming months, look no further. Here's the lowdown on the best shows returning this fall and why you should watch each one.

The Umbrella Academy, Season 2

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Streaming service: Netflix

Release date: July 31

Synopsis: After successfully preventing the end of the world in modern times, an eccentric family of superheroes go back in time to 1960s Dallas and face a new doomsday threat connected to the JFK assassination.

Why you should watch: Klaus is a cult leader! Allison is a mod queen! BEN IS ALIVE! (Kind of.) The Umbrella Academy was one of my favorite new shows of last year, and I couldn't be more excited for its return. Based on the Dark Horse comic, The Umbrella Academy was created by My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way and is one of the most fun shows in years. It's got family drama, awesome fight scenes, high stakes, and a kick-butt soundtrack, which is pretty much everything you could ever want from a TV show. The Umbrella Academy's second season looks even better than its first, and the end of the world month can't come soon enough.


The Boys, Season 2

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Release date: September 4

Streaming service: Amazon Prime

Synopsis: The boys are back, and this time, they're running from the law. After losing against superhero group The Seven and their backing group, Vought, Hughie, Butcher, and the rest of the gang needs a new strategy. Homelander and his crew are still at large, but when a new superhero, Stormfront, joins The Seven, the group starts to unravel and the Boys might have a fighting chance after all.

Why you should watch: If you think all superheroes are actually giant jagoffs, this show is for you. This superhero show is a little bit darker than The Umbrella Academy, but equally as imaginative. The Boys re-imagines the entire superhero genre and shows superheroes as tyrants ruled by money rather than righteous demigods. It also features Jack Quaid, son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid, and somehow, he looks exactly like both of them at the same time.


Pen15, Season 2

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Release date: September 18

Streaming service: Hulu

Synopsis: Anna and Maya are officially teenagers, and, according to one of their classmates, they've changed a lot. Follow their journey through seventh grade as they navigate gym class, puberty, and, above all, friendship.

Why you should watch: Anna and Maya are played by two hilarious ADULTS. Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine playing teenage versions of themselves among a bunch of teenagers, and it's all too relatable. As Anna told Marie Claire, "If you watch an actual middle schooler go through it, it can be really sad and heartbreaking." Pen15 works because we were all Anna and Maya, and, with this show, we can all look back on our awkward middle schools days because, let's face it, no one was cool in middle school.


I don't know about you, but I'm going to watch all of these shows when they come out. In the meantime, I'll probably just keep watching Hamilton on Disney Plus on repeat.

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