This Is The Best Traditional Restaurant In Pennsylvania

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A Philadelphia restaurant is being credited for having the best traditional food in Pennsylvania.

Reader's Digest compiled a list of the best traditional restaurants in every state which included Rex at the Royal as the top choice for Pennsylvania.

"Philadelphia’s culinary history is more than the sum of its steak-and-cheese parts," Reader's Digest's Melissa Corbin wrote. "With that in mind, chef and archaeologist Jill Weber set out to create a tribute to those left out of certain American history stories. She founded Rex at the Royal as an homage to the Southern Black chefs who moved to the city a century ago, during the Great Migration, and adapted their foodways, including many from the South Carolina Lowcountry, Georgia and the Mid-Atlantic."

Reader's Digest's full list of the best traditional restaurants in every state is included below:

  1. Alabama- Archibald's
  2. Alaska- Diaz Cafe
  3. Arizona- El Charro
  4. Arkansas- Stoby's Restaurant
  5. California- Chez Panisse
  6. Colorado- The Fort Restaurant
  7. Connecticut- Guilford Lobster Pound
  8. Delaware- Grotto Pizza
  9. Florida- Columbia Restaurant
  10. Georgia- Piassa Restaurant & Mart
  11. Hawaii- Helena's Hawaiian Food
  12. Idaho- The Basque Market
  13. Illinois- Gene & Georgetti Steakhouse
  14. Indiana- St. Elmo Steak House
  15. Iowa- Victoria Station
  16. Kansas- Joe's Kansas City
  17. Kentucky- Holly Hill Inn
  18. Louisiana- Dooky Chase's
  19. Maine- Bob's Clam Hut
  20. Maryland- Cantler's Riverside Inn
  21. Massachusetts- Union Oyster House
  22. Michigan- Zingerman's Roadhouse
  23. Minnesota- Matt's Bar & Grill
  24. Mississippi- Bozo's Grocery
  25. Missouri- Ernie's
  26. Montana- Bayern Brewery
  27. Nebraska- 801 Chophouse
  28. Nevada- Star Hotel
  29. New Hampshire- Polly's Pancake Parlor
  30. New Jersey- Knife & Fork Inn
  31. New Mexico- The Shed
  32. New York- Moosewood
  33. North Carolina- Seabird
  34. North Dakota- Kroll's Diner
  35. Ohio- Price Hill Chili
  36. Oklahoma- Cattlemen's Steakhouse
  37. Oregon- Amalfi's Restaurant & Mercado
  38. Pennsylvania- Rex at the Royal
  39. Rhode Island- Al Forno
  40. South Carolina- Soby's
  41. South Dakota- Wall Drug
  42. Tennessee- Arnold's County Kitchen
  43. Texas- Joe T. Garcia's
  44. Utah- Log Haven
  45. Vermont- Blue Benn Diner
  46. Virginia- The Regency Room
  47. Washington- The Willows Inn
  48. West Virginia- Appalachia Kitchen
  49. Wisconsin- The Old Fashioned
  50. Wyoming- Buffalo Bill's Irma Hotel

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