Doja Cat Reveals 'The Truth' Of What Her Next Album Will Be

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Doja Cat is giving fans another hint of what her next album will sound like, and it's probably not what you expect.

The "Woman" rapper took to Twitter on Tuesday (September 20) to share "the truth" of her next musical project, explaining in a minute-long voice memo that explained her "new era" and told fans she was "entering a rock phase." She previously hinted that her next album would be inspired by rave music and culture because she was loving the "'90s German rave" vibe at the moment, but she seems to be changing it up once again.

"I'm being serious now you guys, we gotta cut the s---. No more hullabaloo. I am putting out an album and this time I'm being serious," she said, adding, "I am putting out a rock album, it's going to have emo jams. The name of the album is called Rock Out Volume 1: The Abyss 5000. So, keep on a lookout for that."

Doja said she planned to change up her style to fit the new sound, including dying her hair, even though she has been rocking a buzzed style since shaving her head last month.

"I will be dying my hair, whatever I have on my head would be a wig but I will be dying it various colors and wearing lots of plaid," she said. "I'm entering a rock phase and I hope everyone enjoys. I'm going to get real rocky for everyone. We're going to rock out and get real rocky on stage. I'm gonna jam and I'm gonna spit flames from my mouth on stage."

She didn't stop there, claiming that she was going to pick up some new musical skills to match the sound.

"Another thing, I'm going to learn how to play guitar as well. I'm not gonna be a phony or a poser. I'm going to learn how to play acoustic and ukulele ... so be on the lookout."

But of course because it's Doja Cat, she also said in another tweet that she was doing an album with "straight R&B no rap at all" before following up that statement with, "Yall I was lying. I'm going an experimental jazz album. I thought it would be funny to steer you into believing i was doing r&b cuz i knew it would work but I'm doing experimental jazz now, honest truth."

Doja also claimed she was releasing the album, now back to R&B, as a cube with six sides rather than a typical album with a Side A and Side B.

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