Zach Braff And Donald Faison Are Swifties

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Sure, celebrity drama is fun, but it’s so nice when successful people from different creative industries lift each other up.

During one of their famous podcast tangents, Scrubs’ stars Zach Braff and Donald Faison showed their support for singer and songwriter Taylor Swift. Swift recently scored the historic achievement of conquering all 10 spots on the Billboard Top 100. Every song was from her recent album Midnights, and she reigned supreme for an entire week. Her single "Anti-Hero" is still at the top of the charts for the third week in a row.

“I am just impressed with her,” said Braff. “I love that as someone with the most haters, she landed 10 songs in the top 10.”

“She told you what she’s gonna do!” said Faison. “She gave you the formula! Shake that sh*t off Zach. Shake it off!”

While both hosts are big Swift fans, they are split over the singer’s newest album. Braff said he has been enjoying it, while his fake doctor best friend said it wasn’t his favorite. The pair agreed her 2020 Folklore album is more of their jam.

“I do appreciate what she’s done,” said Faison. “I think just for music in general and you know... she came from being a writer and a little kid who liked to write songs and now she’s captured all top 10 spots on the top 100.”

Braff pointed out another record the super star broke. According to him, and confirmed by Chart Data on Twitter, when Swift took over the top 10 spots, it was the first time in music history a male has not been in one of the top 10 spots.

“That is a fascinating piece of information,” said Joelle Monique, producer of Fake Doctors Real Friends with Zach and Donald. “Come on Taylor, for the women!”

Check out “My Inconvenient Truth,” to hear the full conversation as well as how talking about Star Wars kicked off a tangent about Taylor Swift. Fake Doctors Real Friends with Zach and Donald is back and the fake doctors themselves are working their way through Scrubs’ seventh season. Find them on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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