Pittsburgh Trio Shares a Picture from the 2020 Oscars

Feelin' the Pittsburgh pride!


Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Pittsburgh native Joe Manganiello tweeted a picture of himself, Jeff Goldblum, and Michael Keaton at the 2020 Oscars with the caption, "You can take the boys out of Pittsburgh..."

None of them were nominated last night, but Jeff Goldblum and Michael Keaton have both been nominated in the past. Goldblum was nominated for directing the short film Little Surprises in 1996 and Keaton was nominated for the coveted Best Actor award for his work in Birdman in 2014. Joe Manganiello is from Mount Lebanon, Jeff Goldblum is from West Homestead, and Michael Keaton is from Forest Grove in Robinson Township. Billy Porter, another Pittsburgh native, was at the ceremony as well.

See the tweet below:

Don't worry about me, guys. I'll be in the next picture.

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