The "Love is Blind" Reunion is Here, and We Need to Talk About It

Jessica is trying not to be such a messica, Lauren and Cameron are still adorable, and Giannina and Damian are…. back together? What? Is this right?

Netflix's Love Is Blind VIP Viewing Party In Atlanta

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If you are not watching Love is Blind yet, what are you doing with your free time? We are clearly not the same because I have been watching nothing else since it came out. Love is Blind, Netflix’s insane social experiment in which contestants get engaged without ever seeing each other, dropped a brand-new reunion special today. Although these contestants are new to us, the show wrapped all the way back in 2018. What have our favorite couples been up to since the show ended? Are Lauren and Cameron still the cutest couple to ever grace our television screens? Does Amber still laugh at everything Barnett says? Does Jessica still drink a whole bottle of wine every night? Read on to find out where everyone stands and what’s next for each of them.

Diamond and Carlton

Diamond and Carlton were, statistically speaking, the least successful couple to come out of the show. They broke up shortly after they arrived at their honeymoon in Mexico, when Carlton told Diamond that he was bi. Fans of the show are split about the fiasco. Some are calling Diamond bi-phobic, while others thought that Carlton should have told her earlier. They broke up in a disastrous way, with Carlton lashing out at Diamond and telling that that her wig had been slipping off since day one. Diamond, of course, threw his ring in the pool and stormed off.

Now, the two are on better but not great terms. Carlton reached out to Diamond after the show wrapped and apologized. He tells Nick and Vanessa that their engagement day was the best day of his life, and he’s still trying to catch that high. Diamond says that he didn’t like how he spoke to her, and she wasn’t sure if she would be able to get past it. In the most bizarre moment of the reunion special, Carlton gets down on one knee, pulls the ring she threw into the pool when they broke up from his pocket, and tells her that he wants to “create something beautiful” with her. He says that he knows what he did was not right, and he wants her to see the ring as a “significant piece of her friendship”. Diamond accepts his ring, and who knows where things will go from here.

Kelly and Kenny

Kelly and Kenny seemed like the most solid couple on the show until the very last episode. When they reached the altar at the end of their journey, Kelly said, “I don’t.” She had made little quips about how Kenny seemed like more of a best friend throughout the season, but I didn’t think much of them. Shouldn’t you be marrying your best friend? I don’t have any experience with marriage, but I totally think that Kelly should have just sucked it up and gave it a shot.

Thankfully, Kenny won the breakup. He is now in a relationship and has never been happier, as he tells Nick and Vanessa. He says that he is thankful for the experience because it led him to where he is now, and he now believes that there is nothing he can’t overcome. Kelly, on the other hand, tears up and goes on about how good of a guy Kenny is, and how there have been plenty of men in her life that she has friend-zoned when she should have been marrying them. She says that she wanted to continue to date Kenny after she left him at the altar, but that didn’t happen. She also surprisingly says that they had agreed to not get married at the end of the show and instead keep dating weeks before the wedding, but nothing panned out like she thought it would. If nothing else, Kelly and Kenny have convinced me that karma is real. Shame on you, Kell. #JusticeForKenny

Giannina and Damian

I straight-up cannot with these two because after surviving one of the most dramatic arcs of this dumpster fire of a season, Giannina and Damian are BACK TOGETHER. In the last episode, Giannina ran through Atlanta in a wedding dress because Damian said, “I don’t” at the altar. It was the most dramatic, extra moment, and I’d totally be into it if I didn’t think these two were so toxic for each other. They fought in nearly every episode. I thought for sure that their wedding would be the last time these two saw each other, but it wasn’t. They are currently dating and couldn’t be happier, as they told Vanessa and Nick. Some things are just meant to be, I guess?

Giannina says she knew they were soulmates because, in the pods, he said that he wanted to find his equal, and that’s what she wanted as well. Isn’t that what everyone wants? This girl needs to raise her standards. She also says that when their wedding day came, neither of them were ready. They both apologize to each other and wished they could change how the day went, but they agree that life after the show has been such an “amazing journey” for them and that they’re happy. Miracles happen, y’all.

Amber and Barnett

Amber and Barnett are still together after both saying “I do” at the altar, but during the reunion special, they say that their relationship hasn’t come without its challenges. Amber says they almost got a divorce because they had a hard time adjusting to their new lives together. They said that both are flirty people, and they had to figure out how to go out and party together without getting mad at each other. They are both stubborn people, they said, but they ended up working it out and they are, for the most part, happy. You love to see it.

When Nick and Vanessa ask Amber about Jessica, she has some choice words to say about her. Jessica originally connected with Barnett in the pods but felt like he had betrayed her when she found out he was talking to a few other girls. Jessica chose Mark in the end but had feelings for him throughout the season and would often talk about it when she had too much to drink. At the reunion special, Amber says that she wishes Jessica would have talked to her about her feelings instead of going behind her back and pretending that they were friends. She called her “dis-ingenuine” and “sheisty” and hopes that she learned from the experience. Girl’s got a point. As Lauren said, Jessica was a messica.

Jessica and Mark

I firmly believe that Jessica did not want to be with Mark from the beginning. While they were all in the pods, Jessica said that Barnett was her first choice but settled with Mark after she found out that Barnett was also making connections with other girls. She struggled with feeling any sort of attraction to him throughout the season, complained about their 10-year age difference any time she could, and drank way too much to cope with their failing relationship. In a moment that surprised absolutely no one, she said, “I don’t” at the altar in the last episode and drove away. Good riddance, messica.

In the reunion special, Jessica says that she’s learned from the experience. She said that she did not like watching the show because she did not like how she acted, and it was clear to her that she was “going through some things”. She said that they simply needed more time. Mark, on the other hand, said that Jessica was a “phenomenal” person and he wishes her the best. He says that the show changed him, and he wouldn’t be where he is today without it. He surprisingly wishes her the best. In conclusion, Mark is still a darn fool and Jessica is trying not to be such as messica.

Lauren and Cameron

Be still, my heart. If someone could guarantee me a love like Lauren and Cameron’s at the show, I would go on this hot mess of a show in a heartbeat. I was rooting for Lauren and Cameron since day one, and they did not disappoint. They got married in the finale and have been together ever since.

Life is normal for them now. They have a dog named Sparks, they just had their first Thanksgiving with both of their families present, and they are considering having kids “one day”. Hurry up, lovebirds! I need to see those super adorable Lauren and Cameron babies!

The good thing about this show is that all these contestants seem to be happy, no matter how things worked out for them. When Nick and Vanessa asked them if they are glad that they came on the show, they all said yes. They also all said yes when Vanessa asked them if love is truly blind. I, on the other hand, am still not convinced. I think I need another season. @netflix, u up?

Do you think Lauren and Cameron are the cutest couple to ever exist? What else do you want to know about Love is Blind? Got any crazy theories about The Bachelor? Have any new show recs you want to throw at me? Drop a line in the comments or tweet at me, @shutupallybear.

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