You Need to Watch New Girl's Max Greenfield's Instagram Series

If you’re not watching New Girl’s Max Greenfield’s Instagram series about homeschooling his daughter during the coronavirus outbreak, you’re not social distancing right.

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As most millennials do, I stan the heck out of New Girl. New Girl is the only show I’ve watched from beginning to end on a broadcast network rather than a streaming platform. Even though it ended a few years back, I still watch it at least once a month. I relate the most to Winston, mostly because we both don’t know what we’re doing with our lives and we love our cats, but my favorite is Schmidt, played by Max Greenfield. I know all the cast by name, and I follow them all on social media. I mostly follow them for throwback New Girl content, but some of the best videos I’ve found during the coronavirus outbreak is Max Greenfield’s Instagram series about homeschooling his potty-mouthed daughter. These videos are absolute gold, and I’m looking forward to seeing his daughter, Lilly, star in a New Girl reboot in about ten years.

Like most parents during the coronavirus outbreak, Max has been thrown into homeschooling his daughter, Lilly. Unlike most parents, Max has to deal with more sass than even Schmidt could dish out. Here is my favorite video from the series:

To watch more, go to Max Greenfield’s Insta, @iammaxgreenfield, and give New Girl a try if you haven’t already. It’s got unforgettable characters and all-too-relatable scenarios for young adults, which makes it the perfect coronavirus binge. You can stream it on Netflix, or you can watch Lilly hurl insults at her dad that would make Schmidt yell, “YOUTHS!”

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