The Girl Scouts of Western PA Thank Their Hometown Heroes With Cookies

Is there really a better way to thank our hometown heroes than with a box of Thin Mints? Come on.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

The Girl Scouts of Western PA are making lemonade, or Lemon-Ups, as they call them, out of lemons through their Hometown Heroes program. When the coronavirus cut their beloved cookie program short, the girl scouts decided to donate their unsold cookies to our community’s first responders and other essential personnel. On their website, the Girl Scouts of Western PA call these cookie recipients “courageous and kind people who must continue working to keep our community safe” and list medical professionals, first responders, nursing home staff, and more.

For only $5 a box, you can donate to the Girl Scouts of Western PA’s Hometown Heroes program. According to the Post-Gazette, the money will go towards funding girls’ programs year-round, just like it would through normal cookie sales. Each local troop chooses who receives the cookies, and, with 27 counties in the organization, you can be sure that your donation will benefit a hero near you. To learn more and to donate, go to the Girl Scouts of Western PA’s Hometown Heroes page. What better way to say thank you to our essential personnel than with a box of Samoas?

On another note, if you’re still hankering for a Tagalong after you’ve donated to the Hometown Heroes program, you can order cookies for yourself online. Check out the Girl Scouts’ digital cookie program and treat yourself to a box of cookies or two. After all we've been through with the coronavirus outbreak, you deserve it.

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