WATCH: Jeff Goldblum Lookalike Gets Into Street Fight in Viral Video

Go, Jeff Goldblum, go!

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

My heart nearly stopped when I saw Jeff Goldblum, my favorite famous Pittsburgher, trending on Twitter this afternoon. I thought, did something happen to him? Does he have coronavirus? Thankfully, none of those are the case. Jeff Goldblum was trending because a lookalike delivered a mean roundhouse kick to his neighbor in a viral video. According to the New York Post, the video was taken by 24-year-old Justin Townsend in Richmond, Virginia and has been viewed on Twitter more than 7 million times. Townsend told the Post that the fight between the two men broke out after the Jeff Goldblum lookalike parked his scooter in the other guy's spot. The other guy called him some not-so-nice names and earned himself a kick in the face. Watch the video below!

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