Froot Loops Changed Their Toucan Sam Design and Fans are Not Happy

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Buckle up, because 2020 continues to be the dumpster fire that keeps on burning. Froot Loops recently changed the design of their beloved mascot, Toucan Sam, and I'm not sure if I like it. On May 8th, Froot Loops unveiled their new design on Instagram as part of a new marketing campaign, and fans aren't stoked about it. The new design is completely unrecognizable and features a psychedelic beak. Take a look:

Fans on Twitter were not happy that Kellogg's would so abruptly change their beloved mascot. According to, Froot Loops has been using its mascot, Toucan Sam, since its debut in 1963. The colors of his beak reflected the colors of the loops in the cereal, and he was originally voiced by Mel Blanc, the same guy who voiced Bugs Bunny. Fans started a smear campaign with the hashtag #NotMyToucanSam, and some even redesigned what they think an updated Toucan Sam should look like. Take a look at some of the Tweets below:

I don't hate the new Toucan Sam design as much as some of these people do, but I also don't think right now was necessarily the time to change up the Toucan Sam design. I mean, really, Kellogg's? Do we really need any more instability in the middle of a pandemic? Read the room.

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