How You Can Support the Pittsburgh Black Community

Want to be a better ally to the black community in Pittsburgh? Here are a few ways how.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Over the past few days, a wave of protests has erupted across the nation, and Pittsburgh has had its fair share. Many organizations are posting national and Minnesota-based resources and ways to help, but if you want to support the black community here in Pittsburgh, here are a few things you can do:

  1. You can donate to the Pittsburgh Black Business Relief Fund to support black-owned businesses damaged in this weekend's protests.
  2. You can donate to the Pittsburgh chapter of the NAACP.
  3. You can support black-owned restaurants in Pittsburgh. Our friends over at the Post-Gazette made this fantastic list to get you started.
  4. You can donate to one of these organizations to help with bail funds, therapy costs, and legal support.
  5. You can follow these social media stars who are making a difference here in Pittsburgh.
  6. You can read these five books to educate yourself about fighting racism and allyship.
  7. You can do your own research. Never stop learning.
  8. You can have tough conversations with your friends and family members and call them out when needed.
  9. You can find new black artists and read stories of black journalists and writers to get a clearer understanding.
  10. And, most importantly, you can KEEP doing all these things long after this storm has passed.

As an ally, I feel like the number one thing I should be doing right now is listening to the black community and amplifying those voices. I am writing this because I, like so many others, want to help. I want to do more than post a little black square on Instagram, and, as always, I want to help our community. If you have more resources and ways to help, please reach out. If you have black voices you want to amplify, please reach out. Now is the time to listen, learn, and help others.

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