Taco Bell is Currently Testing Crispy Chicken Wings

Live mas, indeed!

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

If you love chicken wings and Taco Bell, strap in because soon, you may be able to enjoy both at the same time. Food and Wine recently reported that Taco Bell is testing crispy chicken wings. They first appeared at a Taco Bell in Fullerton, California, and the official description described the menu item as “five-piece chicken wings with spicy ranch sauce” flavored with “bold, Mexican seasoning” and only cost $4.99.

Since their introduction, Taco Bell crispy chicken wings have been gaining traction. In their official reviews, FoodBeast.com called them “very crispy” and “solid”, and YouTube channel Peep This Out! said they were “absolutely worth” the money. Both reviewers recommended pairing them with Taco Bell’s famous hot sauce.

According to Taco Bell’s Vice President of Product Development Heather Mottishaw, Taco Bell is “heavily focused” on chicken right now as part of their latest attempt to streamline their menu. She told Forbes, “When we think about the accelerations of new trends, it’s really clear that it’s chicken, and that means chicken as a whole category.” Taco Bell unfortunately declined to announce if or when their crispy chicken wings will be available nationwide, but keep an eye out!

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