Autumn Is Coming, and So Is Pumpkin Spice Hard Seltzer

Are you interested, or do you think we've gone too far?

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Forget Christmas, autumn is the most wonderful time of the year. It's got everything you could ever want, like cozy sweaters, pumpkin patches, football games, and, my personal favorite, autumn drinks. I'm a sucker for a good pumpkin spice latte, and if you're in the same boat, you should try Vive's new pumpkin spice hard seltzer, coming to stores in September 2020. It will only be available in Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee to start, but if you're as curious as I am, you should take a road trip to Ohio and pick some up.

So, what do we think? Is it too much, or is it just enough? I'm not sure, but I'm excited to find out.

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