Travis Scott Becomes Second Celebrity Ever to Get a McDonald's Menu Item

Say Cactus Jack sent you.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Our boy Travis Scott just made history as the second celebrity ever to earn a spot on the McDonald's menu. The first was Michael Jordan with the "McJordan" all the way back in 1992. Through October 4, you can order the Travis Scott Meal, which includes a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon, and lettuce; fries with a side of BBQ sauce; and a Sprite. The Travis Scott Meal, or the Cactus Jack, which is Scott's nickname and record label, will only cost you $6 and is inspired by Scott's go-to McDonald's order.

When you order it, per the McDonald's Twitter, you're supposed to tell them that Cactus Jack sent you. Apparently that doesn't work, but you can still get the meal at your local McDonald's.

If you really love the Travis Scott Meal, you can buy official merch at Scott's website. He's selling vintage t-shirts with McDonald's graphics from the early 2000's, a $250 menu rug embroidered with the Travis Scott Meal order, and a $300 pair of jeans with a gold McDonald's logo on the back pocket.

Try the meal and check out the merch. IT'S LIT, as Cactus Jack says.

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