You HAVE to See the New TikTok Subway Nachos Hack

Nachos? At Subway? You better believe it!

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

The first menu item that comes to mind when you think of Subway probably isn't nachos, but think again. TikTok user @miladfromsubway has created the ultimate Subway nachos hack. Milad, a real-life employee of Subway, gave the dish a 9.96/10 ranking and called the dish "delicious, tastes like a real platter".

To create your own Subway nacos, according to Milad, you'll need a bag of Doritos, your preferred toppings, and the key ingredient, Subway's Chipotle Southwest sauce. In his TikTok, Milad pours the bag of Doritos onto Subway wrapping, adds steak, cheese, peppers, jalapenos, onions, and finally, the Southwest Sauce. Watch it here:

If you're looking for more Subway hacks, they're kind of Milad's thing. Check out his TikTok profile for all things Subway, and try the nachos sometime. Who knew you could create so many things with a few simple sandwich ingredients?

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