Pittsburgh Ice Cream Chain Millie’s Rolls Out New Fall Flavors

What I wouldn’t give for a Walnut + Apple Butter cone right now!

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

This might be in vain, but I consider myself somewhat of a Pittsburgh ice cream aficionado. I live in walking distance from a bunch of incredible ice cream joints, including Scoops in Bloomfield, Twisters, FRIO Creamery, NatuRoll Creamery and, in my opinion, the golden standard of Pittsburgh ice cream, Millie’s. Millie’s, who has locations in Lawrenceville, Shadyside, Market Square, and Oakland, never fails to impress me with their innovative flavors and social justice efforts. They even called me their ’favorite customer’ on Insta, which was totally the highlight of 2020 for me.

Millie’s always comes out with the best fall flavors, like Apple Cider Donut and my personal favorite, the dairy-free Maple Bourbon Pecan, and this year is no exception. So far, Millie’s has rolled out two new fall flavors, Turtle Pecan and Walnut + Apple Butter. According to their Instagram, the Turtle Pecan is made with a custard base from Twin Brook Dairy, dark chocolate brownies, pecans, and a salted dulce de leche swirl. I’m already sold.

Their Walnut + Apple Butter ice cream is also made with a base from Twin Brook Dairy, and includes brown sugar, walnuts, ad a house-made apple butter. Ten of those would probably give me a stomachache, right? Whatever, I don’t even care.

Check out their website for their hours and treat yourself to a fall cone from Millie’s today. After all, you deserve it!

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