Mariah Carey Teases Epic Christmas Collaboration on Instagram

Forget Santa. This year, Mariah Carey is coming to town.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

All I want for Christmas is a truly epic collaboration, and Mariah Carey might be able to deliver. After her most recent Instagram posts, fans believe that the queen for Christmas is working with Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson on a project for the holidays. Mimi's post has three directors' chairs with the initials MC, AG, and JH on them.

Twitter has been going crazy with theories of who the initials could belong to, and the most popular theory is that Mimi is collaborating with Jennifer Hudson and Ariana Grande. Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande have had some drama in the past, but Christmas is the best time to bury a hatchet. Let's do some sleuthing and see what Twitter thinks.

If these rumors are true, I fully believe this collab could save 2020. Fingers crossed!

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