Just 10 Tweets About Bennett, The New Hero of ‘The Bachelorette’

Dale may have stolen Clare’s heart, but Bachelor Nation is all about Bennett.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Move over, Tyler Cameron. Bachelor Nation has a new favorite heartthrob. Throughout this dumpster fire of a season of The Bachelorette, Bennett has slowly crept into our hearts and become a fan favorite. Bennett, a Harvard grad and a dead ringer for Clark Kent, is unlike any other Bachelor contestant in recent history. According to his bio on ABC’s website, this Atlanta native works in a financial planner in New York City, enjoys walking the highline in his “favorite Belgian loafers”, and belonged to a Finals Club in college like those in The Social Network.

Fans weren’t sure what to think of Bennett when he stepped out of the limo on night one with a scarf and an indistinguishable accent, but last week’s episode solidified Bennett’s place in the mansion. Bachelor Nation rallied around Bennett after Clare left him mid-conversation to find her frontrunner, Dale, at a cocktail party. Bennett also received the nickname of “self-care king” when he did face masks at the end of the episode with fellow contestant Demar. Where can I sign up to do face masks and drink evening spa water with Bennett?

In last night’s episode, Bennett roasted Dale on their group date and showed no remorse. He constantly has the best zingers of the season, and is, by far, the best dressed of the men. Bennett will no doubt be the king of Paradise, and I can’t wait to see what kind of scarves he wears on the beach. If you’re feeling Bennett as much as the rest of Bachelor Nation is, here are just 10 great tweets about our self-care king.

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