If You Like Dogs, You're Going to Love Amazon Prime's New Show 'The Pack'

Hosted by Olympian gold-medal skier Lindsey Vonn, Amazon Prime's new show The Pack, out today, is like The Amazing Race with a furry, fun twist.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

The 2020 Olympics may have been cancelled, but if you want to see some Olympics-sized fun with a few furry friends, Olympic gold-medalist Lindsey Vonn has got you covered. Vonn hosts Amazon Prime's new show The Pack, which is like The Amazing Race but with dogs. In The Pack, out today, 12 dogs and their owners compete in a series of challenges around the world to strengthen their bond. The Pack features exotic destinations, heartwarming stories, and, of course, plenty of cute dogs. Check out the trailer below:

After watching the trailer, I only have one question. Where can I sign up to compete in season 2?

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