'The Queen's Gambit' Just Became Netflix's Biggest Scripted Show Ever

Even in real life, Beth Harmon stays winning.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

If you can't get enough of Netflix's new show The Queen's Gambit, you're not alone. Less than a month after its initial release, The Queen's Gambit just became Netflix's most successful scripted show ever with more than 62 million household views. It is currently on Netflix's top 10 list in 92 countries, holds the number one spot in 63 of those, and put The Queen's Gambit novel on the bestseller list 37 years after it came out. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the only Netflix show that has more views than The Queen's Gambit is the streaming giant's quarantine hit, Tiger King. The world just can't get enough of Beth Harmon!

If you have yet to watch The Queen's Gambit, you have to. Like, now. Drop your computer and go. The Queen's Gambit tells the story of a chess prodigy, played by Anya Taylor-Joy, who must face her inner demons and psychoses in her journey to face her nemesis, the best chess player in the entire world, a Russian named Borgov. Along the way, the prodigy, named Beth Harmon, meets a few unlikely allies and learns a bunch of lessons about life, love, and family. The Queen's Gambit features a stellar soundtrack and the costumes deserve every award in the book. Personally, my favorite show of 2020 is still Hulu's Normal People, but The Queen's Gambit gave it a run for its money. Watch the trailer below:

What are you still doing here? Go watch The Queen's Gambit!

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