Never Forget Dakota Johnson's Awkward Interview with Ellen DeGeneres

It's been a year since Dakota Johnson demolished Ellen DeGeneres on her show and began to topple her empire.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

All of us are having a horrible year, but arguably no celebrity has had a worse year than Ellen DeGeneres. Before her staff spoke out against her and her parent company launched a full-scale investigation of her show, 50 Shades of Grey's Dakota Johnson showed the world for the first time that Ellen may have not been as perfectly nice as she seemed. During Dakota's visit to Ellen's show, Ellen asked Dakota about her 30th birthday party and joked that she wasn't invited, to which Dakota had the most epic response:

Actually, no. That's not the truth, Ellen.

I nearly spit out my drink the first time I watched the clip on YouTube.

Ellen and Dakota went on to have the most awkward exchange ever seen on the Ellen show. Watch it here:

Twitter had a field day with the interview, and, to this day, some still call the interview a "cultural reset". Support for Dakota Johnson increased as allegations stacked up against Ellen, and now she is seen as somewhat of a hero on the internet.

I hope Dakota Johnson had a better birthday this year than she did last year!

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